F.M. 852
Jacob Wells - Bass
Stephen Wells - Guitar
Clayton Wells - Mandolin
J.T. Mullinax - Fiddle
Wade Mullinax - Banjo
When FM 852 started picking together, some of the bands
around were named for major highways (like 1-30 Express). The
guys figured they were just good enough to be a farm to market
road, so they named themselves after the road in Winnsboro
where J.T. and Wade live........F.M. 852.

All family members, the band started picking around the house,
on the porch, and under the trees in 1995.  The younger boys
(Jacob and Clayton) started showing an interest around 1998 and
joined the group on mandolin and bass in 2000.  Since that time,
the group has made three recordings, played at various nursing
homes, church events, fundraisers, and bluegrass shows around
the East Texas area.  F.M. 852's main goal is to have fun and
keep the traditional bluegrass sound alive.........playing the old
traditional sounds of Bill Monroe, Flatt and Scruggs, Jimmy
Martin, and the Stanley Brothers.

Great band with a great sound!..................a real crowd pleaser!
You won't be disappointed!