Sandyland Highlights
May 2012
Another great Sandyland Reunion is in the
history books. A little rain tried to dampen our
spirits on Friday but we moved the festivities into
the Pickin' Shed and the show went on.  We had
a special event on Saturday with a tribute to two
Texas Bluegrass legends: Bob Smith and Earl
Garner. This tribute might well be the most
memorable show in Sandyland history. Many
thanks to all the musicians that made it happen.
We are so blessed to have so many talented and
faithful bluegrass friends! Take a little look at
the highlights.
The Thursday night
Potluck spread is on!
Good fellowship with
family and friends
Jammin' in the Louisiana camp
WW keeps the Mulberry Tree
jam going
Mill Creek takes the stage
Crowd gathers on the
The Bob Smith / Earl Garner Wall of Honor
Wise County waits to take the stage
Nice campground scene
Breaking in the new Mule Barn
Guest Band County Switch
makes a great showing
Kids having fun on
the playground
All-Star Tribute to Bob Smith and Earl Garner
Our honorees enjoy
tribute show
Jeff Harrison of Tin Top Road adds
some Dobro to the tribute show
Special thanks to Ms. Ann Noble for
filling in as official Sandyland