Harmony Ridge
Tommy Mabry - Lead Vocals,
Mandolin, Fiddle, Guitar
Linda Moon - Lead/Harmony Vocals,
Upright Bass,
Randy Moon - Rhythm Guitar,Vocals
Reggie Wise - Banjo
Billy Don Garner -  Guitar,
Harmony Ridge Bluegrass is based on a love
of music and the enjoyment of making music
together. Their strong harmonies and blend
of southern gospel, country and bluegrass
sounds come together beautifully. Most HRB
are members of Salem Missionary Baptist
Church in Rusk, Texas, which is where their
journey began. HRB currently performs at
East Texas venues, festivals and churches
featuring gospel and bluegrass music.  Their
music is a southern gospel, bluegrass kind of
Here’s a little bit about who we are and
where we come from ...
Tommy Mabry is the mandolin player
(and sometimes fiddle or guitar) and
lead vocalist for HRB (you’ll also here
his natural, pure tenor on many of
HRB’s songs).   He has been singing
for the last 36 years in southern gospel
groups based in East Texas – The
Gospel Five and New Life Quartet, as
well as playing with local bluegrass
groups like Cherokee County
Bluegrass and The Mabry’s.  He can
play almost anything he picks up – self-
taught to play the piano, guitar,
mandolin, fiddle, and upright bass.  
Tommy spent most of his life is the
Rusk area and has been the pastor of
Salem Missionary Baptist Church for
34 years, is married to Sandra, who is
our biggest supporter (and critic);
occasionally we can talk her into
singing with us!  They have three
children and seven grandchildren.  

Linda Moon plays the upright bass for
HRB, sings lead some, and provides
the high harmony on many of the HRB
songs.  Music came natural to Linda
who was raised around
country/gospel/bluegrass jam sessions
all her life.  Her talents outside of
bluegrass include being a professional
pianist and vocalist for her own
company, Moonlite Entertainment.  
Linda was raised in the Houston area,
spent time in Tyler and Dallas before
settling in Rusk in 2009, which is
when she started playing the upright
bass.  Her family was from the East
Texas area so she’s somewhat native
to these parts and is enjoying the
country life. Linda currently works for
the Rusk ISD and has been married
for 32 years to band member, Randy

Randy Moon is the rhythm guitar
player and also provides some lead
vocals for HRB.  Randy was raised in
the Detroit, Michigan area who
transplanted to Texas in 1978.  His
home life was filled with music as
both his parents sang in a gospel
group known as the Gospel
Messengers and his dad played the
guitar and sang with a tenor partner
influenced by the Louvin Brothers.  
Although he was around country,
gospel and bluegrass music all his life,
he has only been playing and singing
for about 18 months.  Randy is a BSN
nurse who currently works at Rusk
State Hospital and has his own legal
nurse consulting business, Moonlite
Legal Consulting.  Randy is married to
band member, Linda Moon.
Reggie Wise adds his banjo licks to the
sound of HRB.  Reggie has been around
the East Texas area for many years and
has played with several groups during
that time, including Primrose and The
Mabry’s.  Reggie is married to Shohreh
and has one daughter, Sarah, who is
following in her dad's footsteps by
learning to sing and play mandolin
bluegrass style - she is also Reggie’s
biggest fan!   Reggie lives in the Alto

Billy Don Garner, a native of deep East
Texas, has been playing bluegrass music
all his life.  Although his music heritage
is based on the music of Bill Monroe
and Ralph Stanley and other
traditionalists, his guitar playing is
patterned after Larry Sparks.  Acoustic
traditional music is a tremendous
passion of his.  Bill is also a natural
third part harmony singer and mandolin
player.  You'll see him playing the
guitar and mandolin, as well as
providing lead and harmony vocals for
HRB.  Bill is married to Jeanette and
lives in Hudson Chapel.