September 2008 Highlights
Many thanks to our die-hard bluegrass friends who braved the
ravages of Hurricane Ike to come out and support us during a
very rough and unpredictable week. We had a mess here and
unfortunately were unable to carry on with our reunion as
planned, but we didn't let it close us down completely. We
decided late into the week, after we saw that electrical service
was going to be touch and go, to just open up the gates and let
everyone enjoy a free jam. It turned out to be a great weekend.
So many folks lent a helping hand and we fired up the
generators and let the music flow. If you had hardships of your
own, due to Hurricane Ike, we fully understand...........but if you
stayed at home because you thought there wouldn't be anything
going on around missed out on a great  
weekend!!! Check out the photos below to see what ya missed.
Now you didn't think we would
let a little mess like this stop us!
'Cause this is what we would
have missed....
Good food & good jammin'
Elmer Middlebrooks & Mac
Smith pick out a good tune
Blake Brothers lend
to the jam
W.W. Johnson keeps a good
jam going under the
mulberry tree
Bluegrass under the stars
And don't forget Cowboy's
ice cream
Leon, Cowboy,
Murray, and Bobby
burn the midnight oil
on Saturday night
Bud & Bob keep the
on their toes
Tim Blake & Earl Garner
lay a fast one on the crowd