Robertson County Line
Jeff Robertson - Guitar, Bass,Vocals
Rodney Shuffler - Guitar, Bass, Vocals
Jonathan Thrift - Banjo, Vocals
David Hallmark - Mandolin, Vocals
Robertson County Line was formed in late 2009 when Jeff
Robertson was asked by his friend Jeff Brister to put a
bluegrass band together for the Lumberyard music hall in
Bastrop,Texas. Rodney Shuffler and Jeff Robertson were
the foundation, and played the Lumberyard monthly,
rotating player's until they felt the band was what it
needed to be.
The band really has it's roots in Fayettville TX. That's
where David, Rodney and Jeff all met at the Texas Pickin'
Park in 2008. The three later met Jonathan at Salmon
Lake Park.
In 2009, While on our way to record with David in
Chandler with a group called Kings Creek, the Robertson
family, of course had to stop and take pictures in front of
the "Robertson County Line" sign on highway 79. Later
Jeff emailed David a picture of himself and little dee (his
guitar) in front of the sign, and joked "here is your album
Later on, when Brister wanted bluegrass in the
Lumberyard, David was unable to make it and Jeff didn't
want to use "Kings Creek" without, after more
than a year at the Lumberyard as well as various other
dates, Robertson County Line has stuck.
Robertson County Line
We think you will enjoy their
mix of good traditional
standards, soulful gospel
numbers, and hard driving
bluegrass favorites.