September 2010 at Sandyland Pics
Well better late than
never! Here are a few
pictures from our
September 2010
festivities...once again
provided by our good
friend and "official
photographer", Mike
Crow Enjoy!, we did!
Saturday stage shows start off with the
Publicity shot or mug be the
judge..our good friends BLAKE
A good Saturday
afternoon crowd
A good looking group - The Herzog Family
A packed house!
The store is a buzz
with shoppers
Time out for some fishin'
Wise County Bluegrass pose for the camera...... and then on stage
New mascot - BUCK
Plenty of jammin' at WW's place
Guest band - Bowers Family Band
In Memory of
Mr. Glenn
(mandolin) who
passed away Nov
Guest band - Tin Top Road
Mr. Earl Garner takes on a fiddle challenge from
the Blake Brothers
The Herrin Family
A Cowboy
A new addition to the Blake Brothers
Saturday night antics!
(Which Blake Brothers
Band member has a strong
dislike for the rub board??)
Sunday Morning Devotional
Late night jammin'
Thanks for a great
message, Tim!