Sept. 2011 Highlights
Well another Sandyland Bluegrass Reunion is in the history
books. Sorry it has taken me so long to get highlights posted, but
this is our busiest time of the year and days seem to turn to
weeks very quickly. I know I sometimes sound like a broken
record when it comes to our events.........but in all honesty each
one seems to be the best one yet!  Take a look at a few of the
pictures provided by our resident photographer, Mike Crow and
you will see what I mean......a good time was had by all.
The Blake Brothers are up to their
usual antics...........singing a few
Cowboy songs and even including
a minature version of Cowboy
Cowboy trying to teach his "son", Junior
some real bluegrass
Mr. Earl Garner, Bryan Hollifield and
others wow the crowd
Harmony Ridge does an excellent job
with their sets
Sandyland and
"good groceries" go
hand in hand
The Coleman Brothers & The Lone
Star Boys lay some good grass on the
Saturday night crowd
Late night jam on the pickin' shed porch
Cowboy on the controls
The Mullins Family makes a guest
Now he can get it right with
Lucille on the job
Wise County makes a fine showing
Cowboy & Tim giving the
camera the "DUH" look
The Blake Brothers.......strickly
bluegrass boys, no funny business!
Presentations of the "Bob the
Builder" awards for help on
cabin construction
JB and Elmer have a
morning chat
We were excited to feature
Robertson County Line on
Always a jam at
WW's camp
A crowd gathers for the evening shows
Mr Earl Garner and Micky
Fountain get a chance to jam
JB, I think you have your hands
full with these three (Glenda,
Rita, and Joyce)
That's what we do
during supper break !