Tin Top Road
Steve Partain – Band leader, banjo, guitar and vocals
New to bluegrass but not new to the music scene. Steve spent several years singing in a gospel
quartet and played rhythm guitar for church choirs and soloists. The bluegrass style of music
became his passion after moving to this area in 2003.  

Kathie Partain -Mandolin and vocals  
Kathie grew up with music in her family.  She started singing as a teenager, but discovered
bluegrass about 25 years ago on a family vacation.  Picking up the mandolin in 2009 brought her
love for bluegrass to a new level.  She enjoys jammin’ and performing with her husband.

Clif Allen – Bass
Keeping the beat began with playing the drums in church music and just for fun.  After
discovering bluegrass, the bass was a natural fit for Clif.  He especially likes the beat of the newer
style bluegrass.  He has a new baby and sees a fiddler on the horizon.

Jeff Harrison – Dobro, guitar, bass and vocals
Jeff has a knack for bringing the unexpected to a song to give it new life.  Bluegrass and country
music are in his blood.  He has played in several bands in his 30+ years of music.  He loves a
good jam session with all types of music and the more vocal parts the better.

Dennis Conn – Guitar and vocals
Bands and fiddle contest backup are only part of the 40+ years of guitar pickin’ and singing that
Dennis has shared.  Gospel, country, bluegrass and even a little Texas swing are all part of his
love for music.  Bluegrass is his favorite and that really shows every time he plays.

It’s always good to visit friends.  Many years ago we went out by Weatherford, Texas for a friend
gathering and saw a sign that said TIN TOP ROAD.  Well, at our age not many things stick in
our memory but that did.  We figured there must be a purpose.  In coming up with a name all the
rivers, creeks, mountains and highways were taken.  So we used this little road in Weatherford
that still had a spot in our memory.