Wise County Bluegrass

Band members include:

Murray Bowers-Fiddle, Vocals
Jimmy Powell-Banjo, Vocals
Jeannine Bowers-Upright Bass
JB Matlock- Guitar, Vocals
John Curbo-Mandolin, Vocals
Wise County Bluegrass.................a traditional
bluegrass/gospel band whose roots run deep in the East
Texas area. Their name can be deceiving because
currently no members of the band are from Wise County.
They kept the name from former beginnings.

Members of Wise County are known for their blended
three and four part harmonies; especially on time honored
bluegrass gospel favorites. Hailing from Palestine, Texas,
JB Matlock serves as lead singer , guitar picker and band
leader. He is also known for his dry wit and practical
jokes...............usually at the expense of an unsuspecting
audience member. The high tenor voice of Murray
Bowers on fiddle (and sometimes guitar) is reflective of
the Bill Monroe style of by-gone days.  Jimmy Powell on
banjo, who may seem timid at first, is known to recall the
sounds of the great Jimmy Martin in his singing style. His
traditional banjo work is always a crowd pleaser. Jimmy
resides in Lufkin, Texas. Returning to the group is John
Curbo from Palestine, Texas. Big John, as he is referred,
plays mandolin and holds down the bass vocals for the
group.  Jeannine Bowers (who shares the same address as
Murray in the big town of Sacul, Texas) keeps the band in
time with her upright bass. She may have the hardest job
of all....keeping  this bunch in line.

Wise County Bluegrass, a fine
group of folks, with a good sound
and a wealth of songs....and they
even let Cowboy sing one or two
with them from time to time.  
Considered our home
band..........expect to see this
group as part of our line-up each
Scheduled to appear at Sandyland
May 2014